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 “A new paradigm for treating metabolic diseases.”


Eternygen is a Berlin based start up founded in June 2012 focusing on research and development of innovative drugs using a network of renowned scientists and contract research organizations. The main focus of Eternygen’s development and core competences of its founders are research and development of new drugs for aging and dietary-related metabolic diseases with dramatically increasing prevalences in the last decades. Eternygen’s research addresses the sodium coupled citrate transporter NaCT which is a key regulator of citrate metabolism involved in the pathogenesis of chronic kidney diseases, fatty liver, diabetes and obesity.

The company’s emphasis is the development of a safe and effective drug for treatment of these widespread diseases via targeted adjustment of underlying metabolic failure.


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Prof. Andreas Birkenfeld
Scientific Founder

Christian Schetter

Dr. Christian Schetter
Chairman of the Board

Prof. Jens Jordan
Scientific Founder

Ute Mercker
Board Member

Marco Janezic
CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Grit Zahn
Head of Science

Dr. Elisabeth Karg
Operations & Finance

Cord Dohrmann

Dr. Cord Dohrmann
Board Member

Partners & Collaborators

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