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 “A new paradigm for treating metabolic diseases.”


Eternygen is a Berlin based start up founded in June 2012 focusing on research and development of innovative drugs using a network of renowned scientists and contract research organizations. The main focus of Eternygen’s development and core competences of its founders are research and development of new drugs for dietary-related metabolic diseases with dramatically increasing prevalences in the last decades. Eternygen’s research addresses the sodium coupled citrate transporter NaCT which is a key regulator of lipid metabolism involved in the pathogenesis of fatty liver, diabetes and obesity.

Company’s emphasis is the development of a safe and effective drug for treatment of these widespread diseases via targeted adjustment of underlying metabolic failure.


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Prof. Andreas Birkenfeld
Scientific Founder

Christian Schetter

Dr. Christian Schetter
Chairman of the Board

Prof. Jens Jordan
Scientific Founder

Ute Mercker
Board Member

Marco Janezic
CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Grit Zahn
Head of Science

Dr. Elisabeth Karg
Operations & Finance

Cord Dohrmann

Dr. Cord Dohrmann
Board Member


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